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Best Health Interest is Your Resource for Meeting Unmet Wellness Needs

When was the last time you actually felt better after visiting your health care provider?

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You need the right tools to build a bridge from where you are now to where you want to be in terms of better health.

Most of today’s healthcare professionals are trained in an allopathic system, which is great for treating acute conditions, making surgical repairs, and providing pharmaceutical solutions that can effectively alleviate individual symptoms.

But if you’re living with a chronic condition or multiple long-term symptoms, you may have noticed that a purely allopathic approach is not always adequate for helping you live a better life. That’s because the allopathic approach focuses on addressing the immediate needs of the body, without a full consideration of the equally important needs of mind and spirit.

Fortunately, today’s practitioners of integrative medicine are able to combine what they learned in mainstream medical training with additional knowledge and skills in complementary medicine and therapies, in order to literally to pick up where allopathic medicine leaves off, and more fully address the needs of the mind and spirit as well as the needs of the body. By meeting unmet wellness needs, integrative medicine allows for a more complete assessment and treatment of the chronic conditions and multiple symptoms that can reduce your over-all quality of life.

Best Health Interest is designed to help you bridge the gap between the symptomatic health concerns mainstream medicine can help you with and the whole-person wellness considerations it simply can’t. The site not only links you to my own health coaching and consulting services, but connects you with reliable information and resources on complementary medicine and therapies from like-minded integrative practitioners. My greatest hope is that through this site, you’ll be able to begin building a bridge to better health and wellness.